While "Operation Mincemeat," a spy war blockbuster starring "Kingsman" Colin Firth, has confirmed its release date on May 12 in Korea, colorful Hollywood stars are making headlines one after another.

Operation Mincemeat (director John Madden, import Joy & Cinema, distribution studio Santa Claus, J&C Media Group) is a World War II blockbuster that captures the game-changing strategy of World War II, which caused the most casualties in history.

World War II, which caused the most casualties in history,
The Allies and Axis forces are in a tense confrontation over Sicily, the bridgehead that will lead the war to victory. However, the Axis forces were so powerful that 230,000 Axis troops were already stationed in Sicily! The Allies are planning a single Operation Mincemeat that will win the war, led by Navy intelligence officers Yiwen Montague and Charles Chumley... A greater-than-expected operation begins!

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  1. No doubt this remake of Operation Mincemeat will be great entertainment but as with many war and espionage thrillers it's a shame the film industry is producing yet another remake of a classic. If success is to breed success the film industry must not polish old gems but mine for new ones. In these genres, an example of such a new gem is Beyond Enkription, the first fact based spy thriller in The Burlington Files series. I only mention that because, coincidentally, some critics have likened its protagonist to a "posh Harry Palmer", the subject of yet another recent remake. Anyway, the first novel in the series is indisputably anti-Bond, sophisticated and worth checking out. Not being a remake this enigmatic and elusive thriller may have eluded you.

    1. I respect your extensive knowledge. Also, thank you for visiting my site.


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