The group CLASS:y expressed its extraordinary determination.

CLASS:y's management company M25 (M.O.) said on April 30 that it will show an all-time debut performance at Naver Now's debut special show "CLASS:y BEGINS" at 7 p.m. on May 4th.

CLASS:y (Won Ji-min, Kim Sun-yu, Myung Hyung-seo, Hong Hye-joo, Kim Ri-won, Park Bo-eun, and Yoon Chae-won) will release their first mini-album Y "CLASS IS OVER" containing the title song "SHUT DOWN" at 6 p.m. on May 5. On the eve of its release, it will hold an unprecedented promotion to unveil its debut song for the first time online.

CLASS:y is the debut group of MBC's global girl audition "After School Excitement," which ended in February, and the team has unlimited growth potential at an average age of 16. At the time of the broadcast, it received keen attention, ranking first in the non-drama topic category for 11 consecutive weeks.

CLASS:y was verified for his skills, visuals, and star quality through an audition broadcast. Park Bo-eun, "Little Jennie" with unrivaled presence, Won Ji-min, "Skill + Physical Genius," "Visual Vocal" Myung Hyung-seo, cute main vocalist Yoon Chae-won, "Dance Genius" Hong Hye-joo, "Facemaker" Kim Ri-won, and Kim Sun-yu, the youngest performer, are full of seven colors.

CLASS: "The members of CLASS are young, but they have excellent skills. They are preparing to tear up the stage with their girl-crush charm. Please look forward to it."

Meanwhile, CLASS:y's "Shutdown" is a K-WOOD (K-Pop + Bollywood) dance song that combines addictive K-pop and colorful Indian Bollywood styles. The title track and album tracks of the debut album were produced by hitmaker Ryan Jeon Sa-dan.

The group names "CLASS" (Class is over), ":" (colon), and "Let's enjoy music of the same K-pop but different dimension," which gave meaning to a new start, mean "Why(=Y) don't we enjoy the same but different music of CLASSY?"

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