New girl group CLASS:y is also considered the next-generation "superstar" in the K-game market.

CLASS:y (Myeong Hyeong-seo, Yoon Chae-won, Hong Hye-joo, Kim Ri-won, Won Ji-min, Park Bo-eun, and Kim Sun-yu) announced that they will include a "SuperStar TEENAGES" coupon on their first mini-album Y "CLASS IS OVER" (class is over).

The members of CLASS:y have been playing the leading role of Dalksoft's global mobile rhythm game "SuperStar TEENAGE GILRS" since February.

Dalksoft's "SuperStar" series is a global game created in collaboration with large domestic entertainment companies and famous overseas pop stars such as Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, and Lady Gaga.

It is loved by global fans as it is a game with all the K-pop idols and global artists who are popular around the world. More than 70 million users from 120 countries around the world are using it.

CLASS:y has joined the 'Superstar' series even before his debut, and is said to be unusual in the K-game market. It is the first new idol selected by a global game that only famous K-pop idols can participate in. It was also recognized as an unrivaled rookie in the K-pop market and the K-game market in 2022.

CLASS:y is the debut group of MBC's global K-pop girl group audition 'After School Excitement'. He will make his official debut on May 5 with the title track "SHUT DOWN".

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