CLASS:y is drawing keen attention from K-pop fans, heralding the release of the music video teaser.

M25 (M.O), the management company of CLASS:y (Myeong Hyeong-seo, Yoon Chae-won, Hong Hye-joo, Kim Ri-won, Won Ji-min, Park Bo-eun, and Kim Sun-yu), will release the music video teaser for CLASS:y's debut album title song "SHUT DOWN" on its official SNS at midnight on the 28th. The teaser video will present a variety of attractions to K-pop fans with a different charm from the spoiler teaser released earlier," he said. At the same time, he also released an image.

In the picture, CLASS:y is spending time in the classroom looking relaxed. You can see the free-spirited charm of CLASS:y members from scribbling on the blackboard or resting at their desks. Among them, Hong Hye-joo and Won Ji-min showed their lovely charm by filming a video with a camera.

From dreamy concept photos to intense spoiler teasers and special images of natural members contrary to ruined backgrounds, CLASS:y, who meets fans with new looks every time, is curious about how they will appear in the music video teaser video, as well as expectations for what mood Y'CLASS IS OVER will contain.

CLASS:y will officially debut as a five-day K-pop group with the meaning of "CLASS (Class is over), "(colon)", and "Let's enjoy music of the same K-pop but different level."

CLASS:y's worldview will develop into a new group that customizes every time, like Generation Z, the subject of consumption and production by "We customize our own."

CLASS:y also amplified the curiosity of global fans by adding an unknown Y, not an X, which is uniquely represented by an unknown. Among them, the title song is "SHUT DOWN" produced by hit maker Ryan Jeon. It is a K-WOOD (K-Pop + Bollywood) style dance song that combines addictive K-pop and colorful Indian Bollywood pong.

Meanwhile, CLASS:y's first mini-album "CLASS IS OVER" will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on May 5.

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