Group CLASS:y announced its debut date and began the countdown to its activities.

CLASS:y's agency M25 (M.O.) announced the promotion schedule for its first mini-album "CLASS IS OVER" on its official SNS channel at midnight on the 17th.

CLASS:y will release its debut album on May 5. According to the time table, Klas will introduce concept photos, tracklists, spoiler teasers, music video teasers, and highlight medley, starting with the object poster. It raises expectations for its debut with a variety of contents before the album's release.

CLASS:y's first object poster consists of a unique concept with clouds and white squares in the pink and blue sky. On top of that, the words "CLASS IS OVER" and "CLASS: y 1st Mini Album Y" drew fans' curiosity.

CLASS:y was born through MBC's global K-pop girl audition "After School Excitement," which ended in February. As a talented seven-member group with an average age of 16, it was loved by K-pop fans around the world, ranking first in the non-drama topic category for 11 consecutive weeks at the time of broadcasting.

In addition to the dictionary meaning (class is over), the group name combines "Why(=Y) don't we enjoy the same music as CLASS, which gives the meaning of a new chapter," and "Let's enjoy the music of K-pop but different levels." It contains the ambition, "Claeci, who goes beyond the audition, will captivate K-pop fans around the world with music on a different level."

Clash's worldview (UNIVERSE), which was previously released as a teaser, will be variously modified and expanded under the motto of "We customize our own." The agency noted that all members are Generation Z. "We will compete as a group that customizes every time through active communication with the characteristics of Generation Z, which is the main body of consumers and the main body of production."

CLASS:y uniquely described his first debut album as "1st Mini Album Y". It predicted an unpredictable and spectacular world view by adding an unknown Y (unknown unknowns) rather than an X represented by an unknown.

CLASS:y's first mini-album "CLASS IS OVER" will be available on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 5th of next month.

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