"Thanks to BTS, we have more Uber customers." (Las Vegas Uber driver Helen)

"The entire city of Las Vegas has been transformed into a BTS city. The city is rocking with excitement." (Local news story on BTS)

Western Las Vegas, a tourist city in the U.S., which had been stagnant for a while due to COVID-19, has seen the effect of BTS. Following the Grammy Awards, BTS, which held concerts in Las Vegas for a total of four days, including the 8th to 9th, turned the entire city into a festival site.

BTS fans from all over the world flocked to Las Vegas, with a total of four concerts worth about 50,000 people per episode. "Urban Concert Play Park," which was planned by Hive three years ago, was realized in Las Vegas. As the tourism office and large hotel chains rolled up their hands to make "Borahae Gas," many parts of the city became BTS's "The City" created by their fans and the city together.

In the fountain in front of the Bellagio Hotel, a famous Las Vegas specialty, a spectacular fountain show was held to match the music of "Dynamite" and "Butter," and a pop-up restaurant localizing the Korean food menus loved by BTS members was also opened. A pop-up store where you can see and buy BTS's Goodz in person and experience wearing hanbok were also held in Las Vegas. It has become the best place for "ARMY," who wants to feel closer to BTS.

Not only that, but BTS's concert after party was held at a local club in Las Vegas. After enjoying the concert, it means listening to BTS's music again at the club, and even though it is relatively expensive at $100 per person, it is so popular that there is a long line in front of the club. Whenever BTS's "FAKE LOVE" rang out at the club, it was unusual for visitors to fall into the so-called "single singing" in a fairly clear Korean pronunciation.

"It's not a waste to spend this much money to see BTS," said one Japanese ARMY, who paid about $4,000 for flights, accommodation and stay.We agreed.

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