BTS(BTS) V's self-composed song "Snow Flower" surpassed 50 million YouTube streaming times, showing off its strongest music power.

"Snow Flower," written, composed and produced by V and co-produced and featured by his best friend Peakboy, is a jazz-style carol that features the vocal charm of V and Pickboy, which was released on Christmas 25, 2020 and presented to fans.

In a recent interview with Weverse magazine called "The Landscape V Draws with Music (How Music Records the Traces of Youth)," V said, "In winter, my thoughts become warm and deep. It's the season I was born in and I wanted to release a song quickly for ARMY in winter. It's a difficult time for everyone, so I wanted to write warm lyrics. "There are a lot of white angels here and there this year." This phrase talks with the artist who featured This idea came up, and I tried to express my gratitude to the medical staff who continue to serve in the COVID-19 situation. And in "The Event You Come in the Cold Season," I introduced the song, saying, "The memories between you and me are too big an event for me. I hope this song I made will be an event for someone."

"Snow Flower," released on YouTube and SoundCloud, ranked ninth, the highest among the entry songs, on the "Korea Top Song 100" chart on December 25-31 of the weekly "Music Chart & Insight" based on YouTube views.
On SoundCloud, it topped the "All Music Genres" on the "Hot & New" chart for six consecutive days, including simultaneous No. 1 in the U.S. and the U.K., and received hot love by topping the "Top 50 music genres in the world."

Pickboy, who I worked with, said, "V is really like an artist. He's drawing and he's trying to melt it into the lyrics. "I was very influenced and fresh," he said in a radio interview, drawing attention by citing V as the most memorable artist among the musicians he collaborated with.

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