BTS(BTS) V topped the "2021 Best K-pop Artist" list, showing off his extraordinary popularity in Europe.

V topped the list with 4,416,875 votes in the "2021 Best K-pop Artist" category of the French art and music vote "IVR (Idols' Voice Rising)" held for three months from January 16 to April 15. BTS won the first place in the "2021 Best K-pop Group."

Billboard praised V's vocals for playing a central role in BTS sound, saying, "V's vocals play a central role in the group's sound," and Elite Daily also praised V's low voice as a key element of the entire BTS sound."

Famous Japanese magazine "FRaU" praised V's unique baritone voice in a vocal analysis article by BTS members, saying, "He has a treasure-like baritone voice and colorful expression."

V's self-composed song "Sweet Night" topped the iTunes top song chart of 118 countries, setting the first and best record as the youngest artist, while "Christmas Tree" released last year was ranked 79th, the first Korean OST on the Billboard Hot100 chart.

In addition, V, who is called the "K-pop's representative visual," won a number of world handsome titles, including winning the first place in the "World's Most Handsome Face" selection of "TC Candler" in 2017.

V is called a "stage genius" and "idol textbook" with his perfect visuals and attractive voice, as well as sensuous dance, facial expression, and stage control, and is captivating the world with his performance.
He won the Best Choreography Award at the 14th Soompier Awards for his choreography reminiscent of a piece of art, making his name known around the world as a luxury performer, solidifying himself as an all-round entertainer with excellent singing, dancing, acting, writing and composition.

From January 1 to December 2, 2021, V also ranked first in the "Most-Searched K-pop Idol Top 30" around the world.

In addition, V was ranked first in the "2021 World's Most Popular Male and Female K-pop Idol" released by British entertainment media Nubia Magazine, reflecting not only the artist's fame and trends, but also global access range, favorability, and fan commitment, and has the strongest loyal fandom.

Brigitte, Germany's largest magazine, also showed off its one-top popularity by selecting V as the most popular member of BTS.

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