BTS (BTS) V directed a movie-like scene at a jazz club in the United States, making fans around the world go crazy.

On the 2nd, V posted a video of him dancing with the phrase "Shall we dance?" on his Instagram account.

V dancing alone among senior couples to the live performance of "Fly me to the moon" in a jazz club creates the illusion that V walks into a scene in the movie and dances himself.

V, with a simple white shirt, pants, and natural wave hair, was a hot guy from head to toe, but he came out on the floor in a cool jazz and atmosphere and danced alone, showing the real vibe of a person who knows how to enjoy, and the relaxed excitement and coolness of a superstar.
In the video, V is doing the mambo dance. The Mambo dance performed by Abi (Jang Kook-young) in front of the mirror to "Mambo Maria Elena" in the movie "Abijeongjeon" is a famous scene that is forever remembered by movie fans as Jang Kook-young's trademark. Mambostep, which V, who has been absorbed in jazz, classic, and classical movies, has often shown for many years, overlaps beautifully with the link of an artist who enjoys an era.

V's love for jazz is also well known. Jazz master Kurt Elling answered on his SNS account, "Collaboration is always welcome," after hearing V's variety interview, "I often listen to Sammy Davis Jr.'s music and respect Kurt Elling."

John Batist, the composer of the movie Soul, which was nominated for the most nominations in 11 categories at the 64th Grammy Awards, said in an interview with the U.S. Recording Academy, adding, "V is an amazing musician and has a lot of great music he worked on."

The video hit an explosive 10 million views in just four hours. On Twitter's real-time trend, "KIM TAEHYUNG" topped the list in Worldwide and the United States, respectively, proving the strong popularity of social king.

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