BTS Jin's "Yours" and "Super Tuna" set another milestone on the Billboard chart, shining the power of solo artists at the top.

Jin's "Yours" and "Super Tuna" ranked fifth and seventh in the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart-weekly (April 30) released on the Billboard chart on April 27, reaching TOP 10 for 13 consecutive weeks.

Jin became the first artist to enter the Billboard Hot Trending Song Weekly Top 10 for 13 consecutive weeks.

Jin's first solo OST "Yours" ranked fifth on the "Hot Trending Song Weekly Chart" and showed off its unrivaled music power by recording chart-in for 24 consecutive weeks.
Combining Jin's subtle sensibility, sweet voice, and cool singing, "Yours" continues its long run record by entering the chart for 24 consecutive weeks, the first, only and longest period of a Korean solo male singer.

Jin's "Yours" is loved every week by breaking its own record amid high winds.

Jin's self-composed song "Super Tuna" also reached number seven on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Weekly Chart, marking its 20th consecutive week of chart-in.
"Super Tuna" continued its long-run popularity with "Yours," setting a milestone of charting two solo songs for 20 consecutive weeks, the first, only, and longest period on the chart. This is a brilliant record that surpasses its own.

Jin proved the potential of a top soloist by charting two songs at the same time, "Yours," a bright and cheerful "Super Tuna," and a contrasting charm.

Jin's "Yours" and "Super Tuna" are also ranked second and third on the Billboard "Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart/24 hours" as of 2 a.m. on April 28, continuing their hot streak.

The "Hot Trending Songs/Real-Time" chart is a chart that ranks the most mentioned songs on Twitter 24 hours a day, or in the last seven days. "Hot Trending Songs/weekly" will release the results as a weekly chart from Friday to the following Thursday, apart from Billboard's real-time charts.

Jin's "Yours" and "Super Tuna" also showed overwhelming music power on the global music search platform Shazam chart.
As of April 27, "Yours" ranked 21st on the Shazam Global Top 200 chart, the highest ever K-pop record. It also ranked 18th on the "Korea Top 200" chart of Shazam, showing off its strong reverse power.

On the Shazam "Japan TOP 200" chart, it also maintained the first place for 52 days and 19 consecutive days as of April 27. "Super Tuna" also ranked third and posted two solo songs on "TOP 3," realizing Jin's powerful brand power. This is the first and only record of a Korean solo artist

"Yours" has maintained its No. 1 ranking in the "Film, TV & Stage" category of the Shazam "Global TOP 200" chart for 170 consecutive days, shining a strong long-run popularity.

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