The group BTS has been certified as "Double Platinum" in the download category by the Japan Record Association as "Dynamite."

According to the Japan Record Association on the 20th, "Dynamite," announced by BTS on August 21, 2020, has acquired "Double Platinum" certification (as of March 2022) over 500,000 cumulative downloads.

Prior to this, "Dynamite" surpassed 500 million cumulative playbacks and was also certified as "Diamond" as of January 2022. In particular, "Dynamite" received diamond certification 529 days after its announcement as of the certification date (January 31, 2022), setting a new record for achieving "Diamond" for the shortest time since the association began certification in April 2020.

According to the cumulative number of downloads of the song, the Japan Record Association will certify it every month by dividing it into gold (more than 100,000 times), platinum (more than 250,000 times), double platinum (more than 500,000 times), and million (more than 1 million times) and announce the list of certified works on its official website.

In addition to "Dynamite" in the download section of the Japan Record Association, BTS has obtained "Platinum" and "Gold" certifications with "Butter" and "Permission to Dance," respectively.

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