The movie "Broker," which depicts the unexpected and special journey of those who have become involved with the baby box, has been officially invited to the competition section of the 75th Cannes International Film Festival, which opens on May 17.

Director Hirokazu Koreeda will record the meaning of "Distance" in 2001, "Nobody Knows" in 2004, "Air Doll" in 2009, "Becoming a Father" in 2013, "Sea Village Diary" in 2015 and "Trafficer" in 2016 and "8th Golden Film Festival".

In response to the invitation of "Broker," Thieri Fremo Khan, executive chairman of the International Film Festival, said, "Hirokaz Koreeda, a Japanese master director who won the Palme d'Or, will return with Korean actor Song Kang-ho."

Director Koreeda Hirokazu said, "I'm glad that this work, which transcends language and cultural differences, has been highly praised, and not only me but also all the staff and actors who participated in the work have been rewarded. I participated in the Cannes International Film Festival for the first time in four years, and I would like to use it as a good opportunity to think about the meaning of making and delivering movies to the world at a time of confusion."

As for the news of the invitation of "Broker," Song gang-ho said, "It's always exciting and fun to be at the Cannes Film Festival. Above all, I am honored and grateful to be able to share this good news with director Hirokazu Koreeda and fellow actors." Kang Dong-won, who was invited to the second section following the 2020 "Penando" (official selection), said, "It is so meaningful and grateful to hear such good news as everyone filmed it with all their heart. "I'm looking forward to the moment with the audience more than ever since the Cannes Film Festival is coming up."

Bae Doo-na said, "I'm happy and honored. It is a special movie for me to work with director Hirokazu Koreeda for the second time in 12 years after "Air Doll." I haven't seen the movie yet, but I think it would be great to see the movie for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival," he said, expressing his feelings about entering the fourth Cannes Film Festival.

Lee Ji-eun, who entered the Cannes Film Festival for the first time in her life through "Broker," said, "I was grateful to learn a lot throughout last spring, and I remember all my experiences being mysterious, but I'm excited and looking forward to this spring." As much as I enjoyed working on it, I hope the "broker" will meet a lot of audiences," he expressed his excitement.

The international poster, which was unveiled to commemorate the invitation to the competition section of the 75th Cannes International Film Festival, raises questions with the appearance of brokers and detectives traveling with different purposes against the backdrop of the beautiful sky where day and night intersect. Those who went on an unexpected journey to find the new parents of the baby they met in the baby box, and detectives chasing their journey to wrap up a long and elaborate case. The poster, which captures the journey on the road of characters with different stories, raises expectations, signaling a special echo of the stories of those surrounding the baby box.

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