Leading critics are paying attention to the song released by the group BIGBANG for the first time in about four years.

On April 6 (local time), the famous British music critic New Musical Express (NME) highlighted Big Bang's new song "Still Life" and gave it five stars, or full marks.

NME said of "Still Life," a memoir. It contains joy and sorrow about growth and the flow of time, he said. "It gave hope like welcome rain to music fans who have been waiting for it."

He added, "The new song does not contain the answer to 'What happens to Big Bang?' but one thing is for sure, Big Bang has become more cool and a better person than four years ago."

NME analyzed the lyrics and melody of "Still Life" in detail and looked into Big Bang's discography and the inner world of the members.

Referring to vocals and rap parts such as "My Familiar Young Day Now Goodbye / Our Beautiful Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter" and "7-colored rainbow / immaturely immaturely immature," NME said, "Big Bang captured the flow of emotions from the past to the present through the lens of the passing season. This aroused deep sympathy from fans as an extension of "I guess I'm getting older / Why am I so anxious" in the song "Last Dance" released in 2016.

In addition, NME noted that G-Dragon and Top participated in writing and composing their own lyrics, saying, "We generously drew the charm of each member's voice, which is the strength of Big Bang. The flow of the soft melody and the relaxed arrangement left room for reflection.

Prior to the British NME, the U.S. magazine Rolling Stone also paid attention to the return of Big Bang and music. "The K-pop legend is back," Rolling Stone said at the time. The new song proved that Big Bang's story is not over, he said. "Still Life is a masterpiece that gives both faint sadness and brilliant hope."

Meanwhile, Big Bang sang about the cycle of a world that blooms and falls helplessly through "Still Life." He also expressed his thoughts, worries, and hopes for the future of the past. Beautiful melodies, lyrics with poetic metaphors, and authentic narratives in them make us all look back on our youth and are loved by music fans.

Shortly after its release on the 5th, the song topped the worldwide chart by topping iTunes' 33 regions, and swept the real-time charts of QQ Music and Line Music, the largest music sites in China and Japan. In addition, Melon Top 100 24Hits, the largest music site in Korea, as well as major music charts in Korea such as Flo, Genie, Bugs, and Vibe, have been on the throne for four consecutive days.

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