Braised Short Ribs(galbi zzim) is a Korean dish using beef ribs. There is also braised short ribs using pork ribs, but when you think of Braised Short Ribs, you usually think of steamed dishes using beef ribs. However, since pork ribs are cheaper, many families make braised pork ribs. It is a must-have food for holidays or parties.

Until the mid-20th century, it was rich food because of its low income level and high beef prices. However, as income levels rose and imported meat cheaper than Korean beef was used, the price burden was much lower than before. Of course, Korean beef ribs are still expensive food.

Although it is called "steamed ribs," to be exact, it uses a cooking method that is close to boiled or stewed, not steamed. Originally, steaming means that it is cooked with steam from below without direct contact with water, but braised short ribs are cooked by cooking.

The reason why Korean braised short ribs are popular among foreigners is that the meat is soft. To make braised short ribs, marinate and mature the meat in advance, and use various seasonings to soften the meat.

Therefore, cooked braised short ribs are very soft, so they are easy to eat, and even people with bad teeth can eat them without any burden.

The second reason is the sweetness of the seasoning. The seasoning of galbi-jjim tastes like a combination of various vegetables and spices, and you keep eating it because it gives you a slightly salty and sweet taste.

There are many foods that you can visit Korea and try, but braised short ribs that Koreans used to eat on holidays and feasts is one of the foods that you should definitely try.

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