BOL4 is back with spring. She, who stopped working for nearly a year due to anxiety, said, "The winter in my heart was longer than spring." Ahn Ji-young, a Bolbbalgan4 who returned, said, "After some time, I wanted to feel warm spring with many people."

Bolbbalgan4 (Ahn Ji-young) held a showcase for the release of her mini-album "Seoul" on the 20th and said, "I had a long hiatus, but I'm excited to sing for you after a long time."

The new album included a total of five songs, including the title song "Seoul," "Love Story," "Beautiful Thing," "In the Mirror," and "Star." Ahn Ji-young wrote lyrics for all the songs on the album and participated in composing.

The title song "Seoul" contains Seoul viewed by Ahn Ji-young, who came up from the provinces. "I have a lot of emotions in Seoul," She said. I was full of passion and loved a lot in it, but on the other hand, I was sick, she said. "I wanted to show you Seoul, where Bolbbalgan4 felt." Ahn Ji-young said, "To me, Seoul was a city of dreams. I came to Seoul when I was 20 years old, and I wrote a song thinking about my dream and how I loved music at that time. I wanted to tell you how beautiful Seoul was.

The anxiety in my mind has also gradually healed, and now I can stand fully with music. Ahn Ji-young said, "I changed my mind with the idea of writing a song a little comfortably while resting," adding, "I did music that I wanted to do, but I had anxiety on one side of my mind, but now I'm thinking of writing a song comfortably."

Celebrating its sixth anniversary this year, Bolbbalgan4 said, "We received so much love in a short time. I was under a lot of pressure, but I appreciate the response that I gained hope and joy with my song, she said. "I want to develop into the music of Bolbbalgan4 in the future." Bolbbalgan4, who released his new album, will hold a solo concert at the Olympic Hall in Seoul from April 14 to 15.

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