Singer BoA sings "QUINCY" again.

The seventh song of BoA's "Self Cover Project" to mark the 20th anniversary of her debut in Japan will be released on May 2.

The seventh song of "Self Cover Project," which will be released on various global music platforms including Korea and Japan on May 2, is BoA's Japanese single "QUINCY" released in 2004, and global fans are expected to pay keen attention to the arrangement of disco pop genres and BoA's husky voice.

BoA has selected 10 songs from Japanese releases through the "Self Cover Project" and plays them one new song every week, and "AGGRESSIVE," "make a secret," "DO THE MOTI," and "Every Heart" have been recreated with a different feeling, receiving positive responses.

Meanwhile, BoA will release her 20th anniversary album 'The Greatest' on May 30 following 'Self Cover Project'.

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