Group BLANK2Y is preparing for its debut with the support of solid overseas management.

On the 19th, his agency Keystone Entertainment said, "We recently signed a management contract with Birdman Group, Japan's top listed company."

Birdman Group is a world-class creative advertising company that has won various awards at more than 400 advertising and design awards at home and abroad, including Canes Lions, One Show, and CLIO Awards, one of the world's top three advertising and creative festivals. Since its official listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market in March 2019, it has gained worldwide fame. In addition, it is in charge of planning and production of various promotions, PR, and creatives and is carrying out branding projects.

In the entertainment business sector, he is in charge of performing the Japanese seven-member J-pop boy group Seven Order. Seven Order completed a national tour last year with about 85,000 people based on the support of Birdman Group, and the album gained huge popularity, including reaching second place on the Oricon chart.

An official from Birdman Group said, "We have high expectations for BLANK2Y, a large K-pop rookie group that signed a growth partnership contract." We will make the most of our management know-how, he said. "We will make all-out efforts to build branding so that BLANK2Y can expand to the world."

Earlier, BLANK2Y signed a business agreement with DDB Korea, a global advertising company, and has been receiving enthusiastic responses from fans around the world by opening up the possibility of overseas activities as well as domestic activities even before its debut. Expectations are already high for BLANK2Y's global performance amid the full support of leading global companies.

Meanwhile, BLANK2Y is a super-large nine-member boy group composed of DK, Louis, Donghyuk, Siwoo, Mikey, U, Youngbin, Sungjun, and Sodam. The team name is a combination of "BLANK" and "KEY" meaning "key to open the empty space." BLANK2Y, which is set to debut on May 24, is expected to become nine keys like the group name and become a medium that connects listeners around the world.

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