YG Entertainment posted a lyric poster of its new song "Spring Summer Autumn Winter (Still Life)" on its official SNS ahead of Big Bang's comeback. It is the first time in about four years that Big Bang has made a comeback since "Flower Road" in 2018.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter is known as a song that implicitly expresses the past time of Big Bang members. It contains Big Bang's sincere music and messages.

In fact, the lyric poster of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, which was released for the first time, added to the curiosity as the phrase "Our Beautiful Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter" was written on top of an art movie scene. It was said that "Spring Summer Autumn Winter" is a song about Big Bang's past, but the lyrics give off the nuance of promising a future with fans in the future. Big Bang excited K-pop fans around the world with its futuristic expression, not just past tense.

The second lyric poster of "Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter" is even more overwhelming. This time, the lyrics are presumed to be rap parts, not song lyrics. Big Bang boasted an unrivaled punchline with the phrase "a happy end instead of sadness after rain." In particular, G-Dragon's real name "KWON JIYOUNG" was engraved on a chair placed in the middle of the poster, making you guess that the lyrics were G-Dragon's part.

"The following evening, the spring when flowers bloom". This is the third lyric poster of "Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter" released by Big Bang this morning (3rd). The poster, which has a beautiful view of a white cloudy mountain over a full-blooming yellow flower field, made the story of Spring Summer Autumn Winter more beautiful with an internalized poetic expression comparing the passage of time to pieces of nature.

After passing the hot summer and cool autumn, Big Bang came with a fresh spring at the end of unusually cold winter. What are the four seasons in which Big Bang sings?

It is expected that Big Bang, which is raising K-pop's status with an unlimited concept for each album, will promote the return of the king by drawing positive results with Spring Summer Autumn Winter.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will release its new song "Still Life" through various online music sites at midnight on the 5th.

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