Hollywood actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have announced their second engagement in 20 years.

Jennifer Lopez announced her engagement Tuesday in her fan newsletter "On the JLo." In the released video, he revealed a diamond ring that glows green, saying, "You're perfect."

In response, Page Six of the U.S. reported on the same day that "the two's aides are saying that this video is an announcement of their engagement."

Earlier this week, the couple were seen wearing rings on their fingers while shopping with Lopez's 14-year-old daughter Emmy, sparking rumors of their marriage.

The two, who first announced their romantic relationship in 2002, drew attention to the extent that they earned the nickname "Bennifer," and announced their engagement in November of that year. However, when they broke up in 2004, they went their separate ways.

Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner in 2005 who he met through the movie "Daredevil," divorced in 2018, and dated Anadi Armas until January last year. Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony in 2004 and was engaged to Alex Rodriguez after her divorce, but she split up in March last year.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been embroiled in rumors of a reunion since May last year, and later admitted to the reunion by posting a photo of Jennifer Lopez kissing together.

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