ATEEZ has completed a performance full of Spanish passion.

ATEEZ's 2022 World Tour "The Fellowship: THE FELOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END," which was held at Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid, Spain, for two days from the 23rd to the 24th (local time), opened the European Arena Tour.

As soon as ATEEZ's silhouette was reflected on the stage, the atmosphere quickly heated up and the cheers of fans who came to see the performance filled the hall. Subsequently, the rich setlist, ranging from ATEEZ's passionate dance medley to songs with outstanding tone, gave fans a special 360 minutes for two days.

In particular, the Madrid concert was added once thanks to the enthusiastic response of fans. In return, ATEEZ said, "Hola! (Hi), Vamos (Let's go), Gracias (Thank you)." They practice Spanish and communicate with local fans, sing "Despacito," a popular song from all over the world, or perform a performance of "Flamenco," a Spanish folk dance, to add speciality to the performance.

In addition, "MADDOX," a family member of the same agency, was invited to the European Tour as a special guest, bringing colorfulness to the performance. Maddox, who sang "Easy on Me" by Adele and "LAMP," a song he worked with EDEN with his unique beauty, captivated the audience's ears, saying, "Music is the best language beyond borders," and presented a highly complete stage.

Fans who have been waiting for ATEEZ's visit for such a long time not only sang in perfect Korean while watching the music video playing in the venue even before the performance began, but also proved their popularity in Europe with fewer Twitter trends.

ATEEZ, which has become such a clear K-pop trend, has successfully performed its first European Arena Tour, raising expectations for the remaining performances in London, France, Berlin, Germany, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

ATEEZ will perform at the OVO Arena Wembley in London from the 30th to May 1st (local time).

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