ATEEZ will come back with a new Japanese album in May.

KQ Entertainment, ATEEZ's agency, said on its official SNS on the 11th (Monday), "ATEEZ will release its second Japanese mini-album 'BEYOND: ZERO' on May 25th."

In the two teaser images, ATEEZ is staring at the camera with charismatic eyes at the boxing hall where the glove is placed, while posing on the ring, creating a wild boxer feeling.

In addition, in addition to Type A and Type B, which include DVDs containing music videos and making films, the limited edition of "ATINY," a fan club, contains more than 30 pages of photo books, raising the desire to keep them.

The album will feature a total of seven songs, including the Japanese version of "I'm The One," "Take Me Home," "Deja Vu," and "Night Flight," which were previously loved by Korean albums, as well as the original Japanese song "The King."

In particular, the title song "ROCKY" is a song inspired by ATEEZ's leader Hong Joong's movie of the same name, and will be newly introduced as a "Boxers Version" with an electric guitar sound added to what was included in "ZERO: FEVER Part 3" released in Korea in September last year.

Accordingly, ATEEZ, which will release its second Japanese mini album "Beyond: Zero" on May 25, will start pre-orders at 6 p.m. today (11th) and hold its first solo concert "THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINING OF THE END JAPAN" at Yokohama Pia Arena MM in Japan for three days from July 16 to 18.

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