The movie "Mogadish" directed by Ryu Seung-wan and the movie "Confession" (director Yoon Jong-seok) won awards for best film and director at the 42nd Fantasporto-Oporto International Film Festival, respectively.

According to investment distributor Lotte Entertainment on the 13th, "Mogadish" won the Best Film Award at the Fantasporto International Film Festival, one of the world's top three fantastic international film festivals in Portugal, and "Confession" director Yoon Jong-seok won the Best Director Award.

"Mogadish," which was released in theaters last summer, depicts the escape of people who were isolated due to civil war in 1991 in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu. Real and dramatic stories that penetrate the times have attracted keen attention as they have been sold to 75 foreign countries.

"Confession" depicts the story of Yoo Min-ho (So Ji-seop), a promising businessman who was cited as a suspect in a secret room murder case, and Yang Shin-ae (Kim Yoon-jin), a 100% winning lawyer who tries to prove his innocence.

Amid fierce competition among various films from around the world, "Mogadish" and "Confession," which received meaningful awards, have drawn attention from officials since the invitation based on their excellent workmanship.

"The story of violence caused by uncertainty leads to light," said Mario Domenski, executive director of the Fantasporto International Film Festival. Through the story of the escape and salvation of "Mogadish," Somalia's inhumane conflict recovers human faces, he said, explaining why he invited "Mogadish."

Mario also said, "The guilt is indelible. It's a great script embroidered with an unexpected twist. "If there's no guilt, will there be no pain?' Power, guilt, and atonement. There are exceptions," he said, explaining why he invited the confession.

Director Ryu Seung-wan, who directed "Mogadish," said through his distributor, "I'm very honored to receive a big award at Pantasporto, one of the world's top three fantastic film festivals," adding, "Even at this moment, we are not free from war." I hope that you and our movie, who love movies, will help create a peaceful world even a little bit. I pray for a quick end to the war in Ukraine."

Yoon Jong-seok, the director of "Confession," also said, "Thank you for winning the Fantasporto Best Director Award. It's a new feeling to receive good reviews abroad before it's released in the domestic market, he said. "I hope the global film market will be revitalized again like before Corona and I can meet a lot of audiences soon."

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