The group ASTRO will return as the "final king of refreshing" this time.

ASTRO will release its third full-length album "Drive to the Starry Road" on May 16 and start its first group music activities this year.

On the afternoon of the 25th, Fantagio, the agency, released a surprise teaser image through its official SNS, drawing enthusiastic responses from global fans. The released coming-up teaser catches the eye with the blue sky and blue old car, delivering ASTRO's specialty, refreshing energy. In addition, the text with the name of the album has a sparkling effect, giving it a starlight-like feeling, raising expectations for the album.

"Drive to the Starry Road" is ASTRO's first group album of the year and the first full-length album in about a year since its second full-length album "All Yours" released in April last year. Last year, with "All Yours" and the 8th mini-album "SWITCH ON," it broke its own best performance, including the top spot in terrestrial music broadcasting, raising interest in what kind of music and performance will continue to rise in this album.

In particular, ASTRO has been steadily communicating with fans by performing activities in various fields as all members are "all-round entertainers." This year alone, Jinjin & Rocky's unit debut album "Restore" and Moon Bin & Sanha's second mini album "REFUGE" received positive responses one after another. In addition to album activities, he continues to perform brilliantly in various entertainment contents such as dramas, musicals, and advertisements, taking advantage of each member's characteristics.

ASTRO, which recently completed its 6th anniversary fan meeting "2022 ASTRO AROHA FESTIVAL "GATE 6" (2022 ASTRO AROHA Festival "GATE 6", is expected to make happier memories with fans with its 3rd regular album.

Astro will release its new album "Drive to the Starry Road" on May 16 and hold a solo concert "The 3rd ASTROAD to Seoul "STARGAZER" (The Third ASTROAD to Seoul "Stargazer" on May 28 and 29 to meet fans.

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