BTS Jin captivated fans around the world with his perfect live stage and love for fans.

BTS held the 3rd day of BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE - LAS VEGAS at Alligator Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, at 7:30 p.m. on the 15th (local time).

Following the last Jamsil concert in Seoul, the concert hall was filled with hot shouts and heat as it was a face-to-face concert that was expected to meet fans.
On the "ON" stage to announce the opening, Jin appeared with colorful firecrackers in strong costumes of red and white.

Jin, who has been sticking to long hair, has transformed into a short hairstyle, giving off a charismatic aura from his fresh and refreshing appearance to his presence, giving various charms on each stage.

Despite injuries, Jin fought with performances leading to "FIRE," "Dope," "DNA," "Blood Sweat and Tears," "FAKE LOVE," "Boy With Luv," "Dynamite," and "Butter."
In particular, Jin made the "Black Swan" performance, which is the highlight of this performance, stand out the most, gives a sense of liveliness, and gracefully expresses the beauty of the black swan to enhance its completeness.

In addition, he created a rich stage by skillfully using his original voice and falsetto on the stages of Blue & Gray and Life Goes On, and adding delicate emotional expressions.
Jin, including "For a moment," "Outro: Wings," "Stay," "So What," "IDOL," "Home" and "Anpanman," enjoyed the performance freely running around the stage.

The end of the performance was "Permission to Dance," which is also the theme of the concert, which combines the melody of a bright and cheerful song with Jin's soft voice to convey the happy energy of the purple-colored concert hall.

Jin said in the ending comment, "The atmosphere is very good today. We had a dream, but we couldn't achieve it. It's our dream to gather people from all over the world and perform for free in front of hundreds of millions of people. Looking at your atmosphere and cheers, I hope you can come to our concert. Thank you for giving us endless love! ARMY, I love you!" he said, expressing his love and overwhelming emotion for his fans.

Fans say, "Seokjin is so cute running to perform". "Seokjin is dancing behind you and enjoying the stage". "Jin does his best everywhere". "Seokjin does his best. We know his true feelings". "I'm happy when I'm on stage. I'm happy". "I'm happy".

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