Alexa (AleXa, Kim Seri) once again captivated global fans with an impressive performance.

Alexa unveiled the second performance of the contest song Wonderland at NBC's "American Song Contest," which aired at 9 a.m. on the 26th (Korea Standard).

Alexa, who won first place in the last competition, attracted many people's expectations even before the main stage. In particular, before revealing the stage, he released videos of many fans who participated in the "Wonderland" challenge, realizing the keen interest of global fans toward him. Even MC Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg participated in the challenge on the spot and showed their fan sentiment for Alexa.

Alexa, who took the stage in the last order to decorate the grand finale of the competition, was impressed from the beginning with a pose that emerged in the air with a red cloth wrapped around her body. The performance that followed was also at the height of its splendor. Using cloth as a stage object once again, colorful props extending in all directions of space met Alexa's unique powerful performance to complete the thrilling stage.

Alexa, who performed a tremendous choreography and explosive singing at the same time, was enough to impress everyone with her perfect appearance without any disruption. On top of that, he showed a strong performance that was added as a dance break, making him proud of his title as a K-pop representative. He/she naturally exclaimed that he/she was perfect until the end of the fall, as if he/she was jumping up the stairs and throwing himself/herself toward freedom.

MC Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson, who watched Alexa's performance, were also excited. Snoop Dogg showed admiration, saying, "It's good music and good performance," and Kelly Clarkson couldn't close his mouth, saying, "I love this stage."

Wonderland is a song that talks about perfect love that exists only in imagination, not reality. The various concepts shown in the competition are based on various forms of reality. Alexa is an experiment that lives in various kinds of reality, and Wonderland exists as a channel for the future and has a profound message. In particular, five famous overseas composers who have collaborated with Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, BTS (BTS), TWICE, NCT, and Black Pink participated in the composition to enhance their completeness.

The American Song Contest, which swept the U.S. even before it aired, is the largest all-live music competition in which 56 artists representing 50 U.S. states, Washington, DC, and five overseas territories compete for the best hits in the U.S. and airs on NBC for eight weeks. In particular, a large number of MC Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg, and world-class pop stars have appeared, drawing keen attention from European fans of the original "Eurovision Song Contest.

Meanwhile, Alexa's advance to the semifinals of the NBC "American Song Contest" can be confirmed through the next broadcast, and voting is currently underway for viewers and fans with U.S. IP addresses.

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