Su-ho, the lead vocalist of global group EXO, made a comeback after releasing his second mini-album "Gray Suit." This album is the first new solo album in two years since the first mini-album "Self-Portrait" in March 2020, and Suho directly participated in concept planning and writing all the songs this time, capturing his own emotions. 

At an online press conference on the 4th, Su-ho said, "I was really happy to say what I wanted to say through music," adding, "What I want to show through this album is to build my own genre."

The album included six songs with the theme of "Time," including the title song "Gray Suit," as well as "Morning Star," "Hurdles," "Decanting," "Iri On," and "75th of a second." Suho explained about the album concept, saying, "I was worried a lot because I was talking about my two years (of alternative military service)," adding, "Musically, I tried to capture tracks 1 through 6 organically."

The title track "Gray Suit" is a progressive rock genre song that combines lyrical band sound and dynamic string lines. The lyrics expressed sensitively by comparing the feelings that became more colorful due to the lover they met again to light and color.

 Suho said, "It's my favorite song, which contains what I want to say the most," adding, "The music video contrasts "Gray Suho" in the world where time has stopped and "Color Suho" in the world where time passes. I think you'll get a different feeling if you look at it while comparing it," he said.

Lastly, Su-ho, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of EXO's debut, said, "I thought it was amazing when I met seniors who celebrated 10 years at the beginning of their debut, but I can't believe I got hit by it. I feel like I've been in my fourth year," he said, signaling a more active musical career.

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