"Director Hong Sang-soo, Production Director Kim Min-hee". The movie "The Novelist's Movie," a collaboration between the two, will be released in Korea in April.

At the Berlin International Film Festival Awards, which was broadcast live on the 16th of last month (local time), the judges said, "Simple Master Hong Sang-soo, a novelist's film that transforms into infinite imaginary letters, pushes time and space to the limit, making time a space a space a space." This is surprisingly radical and at the same time surprisingly valuable. In a shady society that expands only materially, this film gives us the courage to change our values," he said, adding that the reason for the selection was "Novelist's Film" and awarded the Silver Bear Award as a judge.

The Novelist's Film is a black-and-white film that has been filmed in Korea for two weeks since March 2021, with actress Lee Hye-young, who worked with director's previous film "In Front of Your Face," and actress Kim Min-hee, who won the Berlin International Film Festival's Best Actress for "Alone at Night." Actress Lee Hye-young, who plays the role of novelist "Jun-hee," goes a long way to her junior's bookstore where she disappeared, climbs the tower alone, meets the film director couple, and takes a walk in the park, persuading her to make a movie with you.

Director Hong Sang-soo's 27th feature film "The Novelist's Film" is scheduled to meet with domestic audiences on April 21.

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