Belgium's Korean Cultural Center will hold an exhibition titled Talk Talk Korea 2021 from the 17th. It will showcase 140 winners of the global Hallyu Content Contest organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's Overseas Culture Promotion Agency.

According to the Cultural Center on the 14th, the works to be introduced this time are contents sent by Hallyu fans around the world, including auditions, hanbok pictorials, modern Korean traditional music, Korean talent shows, and Korean moment photos under nine detailed themes in three categories.

Contents are posted with the names of participants who created the work through four monitors installed in the exhibition room of the Korean Cultural Center. In particular, creative contents based on Korean culture, such as songs made by K-pop fans, music video videos full of colorful visuals, and hanbok cut by themselves, are drawing attention.

In addition, works directed by Kim So-wol's poem Azalea Flower in cool writing (calligraphy), great men representing Korea such as King Sejong and Yi Sun-shin, as well as works introducing Hangeul and Korean food in beautiful videos show their interest and affection for Korean culture.

Along with the exhibition, the Cultural Center will also hold events where locals participate in the exhibition. Souvenirs will be presented through a lottery among those who post certified selfies on their SNS and tag the exhibition. The exhibition runs until March 31.

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