Chipotle, BTS marketing... "As Jung Kook said, we're now chicotle".

Chipole, a famous Mexican food chain in the U.S., has launched marketing to change its Twitter account name as if considering the influence of the group BTS (BTS).

Chipole changed his Twitter account name to "Chicotle" on the 24th (local time) and posted a message to greet BTS members.

This is because it became known that BTS member Jungkook pronounced Chipotle as Chicotle.

Earlier, a video of the members eating Chipotle's delivery food was posted on BTS' official YouTube channel.

The video showed BTS eating lunch after appearing on CBS' popular talk program James Corden Show when they visited the U.S. in November last year.

Jungkook, who appears to be new to Chipole food, said in this video, "How can I eat this? Chicotle?" he said, and the video became a hot topic among fans.

Then Chipotle changed his Twitter account name as Jungkook pronounced it, posting an article called "We are Chicotle from now on."

He also retweeted a post from a fan that said, "If Jungkook says it's chicotle, it's chicotle."

This is not the only BTS marketing by American food companies.

McDonald's, a global fast food chain, joined hands with BTS in February last year to launch BTS set menus in more than 50 countries.

Thanks to this, McDonald's reported an "earning surprise" in the second quarter of last year, with global sales soaring 40.5% year-on-year.

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