Recently, more and more Japanese are copying Korea as if it had been moved.

As travel became difficult due to COVID-19, virtual travel to Korea is also in vogue, and a new Korean restaurant in Kyoto last month posted this sign.

The menu includes not only bibimbap, but also gamjatang and mussel soup, and there are also restaurants that reproduce tableware that can be seen in Korean snack bars or cart bars, or decorated with K-pop idol posters.

A hotel in Tokyo held an event in November to experience Korean food, ranging from ribs to mojito made of soju.

There is also a virtual trip to Korea called Dohannori.

As travel becomes difficult due to the spread of COVID-19, we are going on a virtual trip as if we were in Korea.

It is said that you rent a hotel, eat Korean food, watch Korean contents, and play as in Korea for a day. Chicken, Korean ramen, snacks, alcohol, and take a proof shot as supplies. Done!

There are also hotels that combine popular products and sell them in packages.

If you have supplies, you can spend the night watching Korean dramas or K-pop idols through OTT.

Even if you go to the supermarket, you can realize the popularity of Korean products.

In addition to Korean restaurants, there are more spaces to experience Korean culture.

You can wear Korean school uniforms yourself or take instant photos that are popular in Korea.

The younger generation of Japan, who are enthusiastic about Korean content and follow Korean culture, is also referred to as the "4th Hallyu boom.

The first Korean Wave began with the drama Winter Sonata, and it is evaluated that the second Korean Wave was caused by Girls' Generation, Kara, and TWICE, and the fourth Korean Wave boom is heating up Japan more than ever despite the barrier of Corona

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