The Korea Tourism Organization announced on the 7th that it will sign a business agreement with Pearl Abyss at Pearl Abyss headquarters in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do to spread the Korean Wave and promote Hallyu tourism, and continue various Hallyu tourism promotional marketing using the game DokeV under development.

<DokeV> is a game of the open world action adventure genre that collects goblin for the whole family and is based on the Korean goblin story. It contains various Korean elements such as Korean attractions, hanok, and traditional games. In August, the game trailer video was released, raising high expectations among global users.

In response, the Korea Tourism Organization pushed for the agreement, paying attention to the role of K-games as a new platform for promoting Korean tourism. The two companies plan to promote various promotional marketing so that users can experience traveling to Korea in the meta-bus world of games.

"K-Game has a high status as it ranks fifth in the global game market," said Park Kyung-sook, head of the Hallyu Tourism Team at the Korea Tourism Organization. "We will push for customized promotional marketing for global users to create potential demand for visiting Korea using games in the future."

"The goblin is developing a high-quality graphic implemented as a next-generation game engine and a high level of freedom meta-bus world," said Kim Kyung-man, CBO of Pearl Abyss. "We will promote various collaborations with the Korea Tourism Organization."

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