The Korean series "Squid Game" has become the most watched program on Netflix in 2021. The success of the drama will change Western TV culture dramatically, the BBC reported on December 7.

According to the BBC, the success of squid games has provided an opportunity for non-English-speaking movies or dramas to enter Western mainstream culture, and this trend will further strengthen, bringing about a revolution in Western TV culture.

The Squid Game was watched by more than 140 million people worldwide, the highest ratings ever on Netflix.

On Halloween Day, we were able to witness too many young people walking around the streets of the West wearing squid game sweatsuits or masks. Children around the world are busy imitating games in squid games such as dalgona.

Even before the squid game, there were Asian works that received favorable reviews from Western critics. They are parasites in Korea and Waho Jangryong in China.

However, squid games are at a different level from them. Parasite and Waho Jangryong were only praised by critics, but the squid game entered the lives of Westerners.

The squid game is truly meaningful because non-English-speaking dramas have entered the mainstream of Western civilization. The success of squid games signals the beginning of the era in which non-English-speaking movies and dramas dominate Western TV.

This is not expected to be just a one-time event. Before the arrival of the streaming service, most TV channels did not provide programs in non-English languages.

However, 'subtitle' overcame this. By inserting subtitles into foreign dramas, dramas in non-English-speaking countries were able to overcome language barriers. The same goes for the squid game. If the content is good, the language barrier is no longer a problem.

Experts say, "It has proven to be a squid game that you don't have to talk in English to make a hit in English-speaking countries," adding, "This trend will be further strengthened in the future."

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