The group BLACKPINK will start preorders for the album before releasing it.

YG Entertainment will start preordering Black Pink's new EP "KILL THIS LOVE" at 4 p.m. today through major sales channels including YG SELECT.

The album will be released in a total of two black and pink versions with different photo books and special features. Double-sided posters will be presented separately for initial production volume only, and a random large photo card set will be included. In addition, the company has increased the value of its collection with a variety of configurations, including photozines, accordion-style lyrics, Polaroid photo cards and sticker sets, which are made up of photos taken by the members themselves.

The album includes five versions of the title track "KILL THIS LOVE," as well as the sub-tit title track "Don't Know What To Do," "Kick It," "Hope Not" and "UDD-D DD-UDU" remix. 

"KILL THIS LOVE" is a song whose main theme is strong lead bras and grand drum sounds. The best producers, including "Hitgok Maker," Teddy and others, have combined to produce the best results.

"Don't Know What to Do" stimulates the sympathy of listeners with a painful and mournful lyrics. Following a calm, dreamy chorus, the explosive drop part, which continues to rise, shows the perfect spirit of victory. 

Member Jisu and Jenny's favorite song "Kick It" further boosts the mood with an irregular arrangement like the lyrics, "I'm going to destroy the world of you and I'm going to smash my eyes."

Finally, the remix version of "Tudu," which has reached 730 million views, the highest-ever number of K-pop groups, will be featured on YouTube, offering a unique treat. 

Black Pink's new EP album "KILL THIS LOVE" will be pre-sold until July 22 and will be available at online and offline music stores nationwide, including YG Select. The album's entire song will be released on various music websites at midnight on July 5.

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