The group Astro successfully debuted in Japan.

ASTRO (MJ Jin-jin, Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, Rocky, Yoon San-ha) held a fan meeting to celebrate its debut in Japan on Thursday, as well as releasing its first mini album in Japan.

Astro's "First Japan Mini Album [Venus]" (1st JAPAN MINI ALBUM [Venus], released on the same day, described Aroha, the goddess of Astro, as Venus, the closest planet on Earth. It means that Astro will shine in Japan with fans in the future.

The fan meeting, held to mark Astro's debut in Japan, took place in the second round at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo. It recorded sales of 4,200 seats in total, proving the hot response of its debut in Japan.

"Hanasake Mirai," the title track of Japan's debut mini-album on the fan meeting stage, successfully garnered enthusiastic response from local fans as Astroman's clean image blends together with a bright melody reminiscent of spring.

In particular, Japanese fans were excited by the sweet tone of Astro and the perfect stage. In addition, he captivated fans by giving them exciting performances with local hit songs such as "All Night," "Baby," and "Go Back."

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