Black Pink was the first K-pop girl group to feature a cover and cover story for Billboard Magazine, a popular American music magazine.

On Tuesday (local time), the U.S. publicized the cover of Billboard magazine, which was modeled by Black Pink, on its official website, and a special interview conducted in the U.S.

The black pink inside the cover showed a lovely and luxurious high fashion look. A personal cover with each member's distinct personality and a group cover with an attractive blend attracted attention.

"The K-pop queens who have practiced for many years to conquer the U.S. market have finally landed in the U.S," Billboard welcomed Black Pink's U.S. activities.

"Old-looking music record officials were very interested in Black Pink's performance and took out one or two cell phones to shoot the video," Billboard said about the showcase, the first official U.S. album. The UMG showcase was attended by Ariana Grande, Sean Mendez, and Halcy, famous American pop stars.

Black Pink, which has successfully recognized its presence in the U.S. music market by decorating the cover of Billboard magazine, appeared on CBS's flagship late-night talk show "Late Show" and ABC's "Good Morning America" and "Strahan & Sarah" and had a successful debut in the U.S. by making sure eye masks for American viewers.

On April 12 and 19, K-pop idol stars will be on stage for the first time in the U.S., the "Cochela Valley Music and Arts Festival," marking a page in K-pop history. Starting with Los Angeles, the U.S. on April 17, he will hold concerts in Chicago on April 24, Hamilton on April 27, Newark on May 1, Atlanta on May 5, and Fort Worth on May 8, and start his first full-fledged tour in North America.

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