Hwa Sa, a member of girl group MAMAMOO, is showing off his influence abroad beyond the domestic music charts.

"Twit," Hwa Sa's first solo song released on February 14, is receiving enthusiastic response as it topped the iTunes K-pop singles chart in 11 countries including Canada, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Russia, and Taiwan.

In addition, "Twit" has become the top 10 in 19 countries including Taiwan, Brunei, Bermuda and Armenia in the iTunes comprehensive song chart.

Billboard, a popular U.S. media outlet, is also attracting attention by focusing on Hwa Sa's first solo "Twit" through the K-pop column section. 

Billboard praised Hwa Sa's new song "Twit," saying, "The powerful voice and rap of Hwasa are intertwined with the powerful voice of one of the most dynamic singers in K-pop."

"Twit" is an impressive piece of trap beat with a trophy element, and a song with a deep cut in the attractive tone of Hwa Sa on an addictive melody line. The lyrics are refreshing to describe myself as "twit" because I couldn't take care of my lover, who was only looking at me.

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