U.S. music media Billboard highlighted the comeback of boy group MONSTA X.

Billboard posted an article and video news on its website on March 31 titled "Monstar X has announced the new release of its latest album, "Take2. We A Hero," which will be released on February 18.

"Monsta X, one of your favorite K-pop boy groups, will release a new album on the 18th," Billboard reported on the news and the release date of Monsta X's comeback.

"Monstar X sent out the highly anticipated news of the album by uploading a video depicting a visionary image that looks like the hands of seven members holding objects such as white skulls with flower patterns," the media said while introducing a video clip released by MONSTA X.

Before the official release of Monsta X's new album, Billboard showed unusual expectations and curiosity for the new album, as MONSTA X chose the album as the "10 most anticipated K-pop album of 2019.

In addition, MONSTA X was selected as the only K-pop artist to be selected by the popular music platform Pandora in the U.S. based on her global performance last year, including the 25th world tour of 20 cities, the "Jingle Ball" tour, and the "Shoot Out" for the first time.

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