Happy Face Entertainment revealed the comeback scheduler of its fourth mini-album "The End of Nightmare" on Dreamcatcher's official SNS on Wednesday afternoon and officially announced the comeback of "Seven Nightmare."

According to the comeback scheduler, Dreamcatcher will release a new mini-album on the 13th and begin its full-scale activities. As is known earlier, the new book is said to contain the complete 'vicious' concept like the name.

Dreamcacher plans to release two versions of teaser images that are tailored for each concept on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. A trailer takes off its veil on Saturday, revealing the new worldview and story of Dreamcatcher. 

Two days before the comeback, the highlight medley, who will meet Dreamcatcher's new nightmare first, will visit fans, watch the music video on 12th, and release a new mini-album on 13th. 

"This album is a complete version of DreamCatcher's "A nightmare." We ask for the world's interest and love of InSonomia to complete the nightmare fantasy that the seven nightmares will portray."

Dreamcatcher starts a new Asian tour after his fourth mini-album activity. Dream catcher's footsteps following two world tours are already gathering high expectations.

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