MONSTA X will release 'THE 2ND ALBUM: TAKE.2 'WE ARE HERE' at 6 p.m. on the 18th, and carry out full-scale activities with the title song 'Alligator'.

Attention is focusing on how MONSTA X will achieve this time. Monsta X, which made significant achievements in the year-end U.S. show "Jingle Ball" with 120,000 viewers in six U.S. cities, is preparing for another record with its new album. 

As it was the first time since its debut with "Shoot Out" last year, it has achieved remarkable growth, including the No. 1 terrestrial music broadcast and the No. 4 music broadcast.

As soon as news of Monsta X's comeback was released, the spotlight on the U.S. Billboard and others continued early on. Billboard noted the album as an expected album in 2019, and Pandora, a popular music platform, selected Monsta X as the 'Pandora 2019 K-pop artist' chosen by professional curators. Metro also emphasized that it is a group that is expected to grow in 2019 after 2018. 

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is raising its curiosity by heralding a new album filled with 10 tracks of colorful new charms following the album 'THE 2ND ALBUM: TAKE.1 'ARE YOU THERE?' (Ah U DER?). In particular, the album will feature a message of hope based on a deeper world outlook.

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