Cherry Bullet has entered the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart with her debut single, and has confirmed her popularity worldwide.

According to U.S. Billboard, Cherry Bullet's debut single 'Let's Play Cherry Bullet' has entered the world digital song sales chart, and Billboard has entered the Billboard world digital song sales chart with their debut song 'Q&A' in the column 'Cherry Balllet Make on World Digital Sales' on Wednesday (local time).

"Cheriblet, which debuted on the chart for the first time in 2019, is the eighth K-pop girl group to have its debut single on the chart except for girl group units," Billboards said on Cherry Bullet.

Citing Cherry Bullet's goal to enter the Billboard chart to make her dreams bigger in her debut showcase, she said, "I'm undoubtedly having a big dream after her long-awaited debut, but at the same time I'm seeing her achieve it."

In particular, he mentioned the rising status of K-pop in the world market along with the entry of Cherry Bullet to the chart. "One or two teams put single on the charts every year from 2012 to 2017, but five teams entered 2018," Bilbo said. "This indicates that the U.S. is not only growing interest in K-pop scene, but also that K-pop girl groups are also getting interested in particular."

Cherry Bullet's debut song 'Q&A' is a bright and energetic song with a fresh upbeat sound, and has shown her addictive image of what questions she might be asked. Through music shows, it is holding the eyes and ears of viewers with its lovely charm and energetic performance.

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