Black Pink, a girl group, continued to enjoy various scenes in Manila, the fourth city of the world tour.

Black Pink held 'BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA] IN MANILA' at Mall of Asia Arena in Manila on the 2nd.

When Black Pink arrived in Manila, the airport was packed with fans to welcome him and was paralyzed beyond the control of the car. In the end, Black Pink proved its popularity by producing a rare scene from an exit in the direction of the runway rather than the scheduled line.

Black Pink started its first performance in Manila with various special effects such as laser, gunpowder, and fog. "Forever Young," including the hit song "Crouducks," which recently garnered more than 600 million views on YouTube. It made its debut with "Stay" and "Whiparam."

The Black Pink members expressed their thoughts on the first Manila performance but worried about the safety of the fans. "I'm so excited because it's my first performance in Manila, but safety is the most important thing, so please don't push each other and make sure no one gets hurt," Roget said.

The solo performance, which led to Jisoo, Lisa, Rose, and Jenny, drew the audience's cheers by showing off the members' unique performances. Especially, fans cheered by lighting colorful lights on each solo stage of the members with their cell phones.

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