Mnet 'M Countdown' aired on the 3rd was featured in 600 times. In the "Hot Stage" section, the cast of "Primissne and The Boyz" covered the works of older artists. The Promysnine created their debut song "World of Girls" and "Call Me Baby," EXO's hit song, "Call Me Baby."

The "Hot Debut" segment was a time to take a look at top stars by performing "M Countdown" such as BTS, MAMAMOO and MONSTA X. "I think I felt like the pinnacle of my debut," Bangtan said on the day. 

About Jungkook's hat performance on his debut stage, he said, "Jimin threw the hat and I. "I was very excited when I first received a cheer when I received it."

LOVELYZ has performed her debut song 'Candy Jelly Love.' He also continued to sing his new song "Find Yourself" to satisfy fans' expectations.

In the "Hot Winner" section, we were able to see GFRIEND's number one song, which achieved a triple crown in "M Countdown." The group performed their continuously beloved hit songs 'You and I' in 2019 on the stage. EXID also recreated the 'up and down' stage, which brought the first-place joy.

Meanwhile, "M Countdown" featured The Boyz, DAYSIS, Dream Note, La Boom, Lovelyz, Roy Kim, Voicefer, UP10TION, NFlying, GFRIEND, WONPO, EXID, Cheongha, and Promis Nine.

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