The group IKON (Biai, Bobby, Kim Jin-hwan, Kim Dong-hyuk, Jeong Chan-woo, Koo Joon-hoi, Song Yoon-hyung) has returned with a song that was not cool.

IKON released its new repackage album iKON NEW KIDS REPACKAGE 'THE NEW KIDS' (IKON New Kids Recapage 'The New Kids') on its website at 6:00 p.m. on January 7.

The album is the first new album to be released in three months since the mini-album 'NEW KIDS' (New Kids: The Final), which was released in October of last year, and also will be a big hit for the five-episode 'NEW KIDS' series, which has been playing for the past year and eight months. 

Starting with 'NEW KIDS: BEGIN (New Kids: Begin)' that was released in May of 2017, IKON released their second album 'RETURN' in January of last year, mini-album 'NEW KIDS: CONTINUE' in August of last year, and mini-album 'NEW KID: KEIN' in October. In particular, the film "I Love You", "I Die," and "I Isol-gil" are used to express the emotions of the icons in variously.

The new album has a total of 23 tracks. He added a new title song to his 22 track album "NEW KIDS" that was released and became popular. 

"I'M OK" is a minor-scale pop song. Starting with his debut warm-up single "Happy Sniper," he wrote and wrote all IKON hit songs in person, and B-I, the leader of the team, wrote the main song and wrote the song. Futuresbounce wrote the song, while members Bobby and Kim Jong-won participated in the songwriting process, improving the level of completion of the track.

Above all, the song is impressive with easy beats and sad melodies that are good to listen to in cold winter. The members' sweet and mournful vocals are added to the emotional piano melody to catch their ears.

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