BTS topped the Billboard 'Social 50' chart for the 17th straight month.

According to the latest chart released by Billboard on Wednesday, BTS ranked first in its 77th straight week of 'Social 50.'

Bangtan ranked No. 1 for 17 consecutive months since the chart was launched on July 29, 2017, breaking its own record for the longest period in a row.

In addition, he has become the first in the chart on October 29, 2016, becoming the 107th person in his career to show his unrivaled presence.

Bangtan's repackage album LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer' was ranked 77th on Billboard 200.' It started at No. 1 on the first week of entry in September of last year and has been entering this market for 18 consecutive weeks. 

He was ranked No. 1 in the "World Album," No. 2 in the "Independant Album," No. 38 in the "Top Album Sales," and No. 55 in the "Bilboard Canadian Album."

In addition, LOVE YOURSELF 'Tear' and LOVE YOU YURSELF 'Her' placed second and third in 'World Album', fourth and fifth in 'Independant Album' and 64th in 'Top Album Sales'. BTS also ranked second in 'Artist 100'.

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