A photo of Big Hit Entertainment's new boy band TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) was released for the first time.

At midnight on January 24, Big Hit showed the group photos of TXT #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER on its official social networking site and on its official social networking site.

In addition, it also introduced Introjet film (introduction video). In the video, the members of the 19-year-old eldest brother YEONJUN, 18-year-old leader SOOBIN, 16-year-old member HuiningHUENINGKAI, 16-year-old TAEHYUN, and five 17-year-old BEOMGYU members danced together and showed off their clean charm. The close-up screen showed off the group's boyish five-member visual.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a new singer that Big Hit will introduce in six years since boy group BTS debuted in 2013. The team name "TOMORROW X TOGETHER" means, "Others and I will come together in one dream and make tomorrow together." Boys gathered together for one dream and goal will represent bright and healthy idol groups that show synergy with each other.

Although exact timing of TOMORROW X TOGETHER's debut has not been announced yet, it is likely that TOMORROW X TOGETHER will release its first album early this year and start official activities.

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