B1A4 has announced a surprise for fans. 

WM Entertainment, the agency, announced on Sunday that it will unveil its new song, "A day to Fall in Love," as a present prepared by Shin Woo before joining the military. 

"A Love Day" is a new song that was released at a fan meeting in Korea on the 5th, drawing the attention of fans. Notably, Shinwoo, who joined the military on the 22nd, wrote and wrote songs, and it is expected that he will be able to check his musical skills further.

In particular, "I Love you" is the first song that B1A4 released after the three-member reform of the system. It is known that Shin Woo was the first to tell fans about the release of his new song on the official website of B1A4 and the fan cafe on the day of his enlistment in the military on Tuesday. 

Shinwoo joined the military on Sunday. One day before joining the military, Shin wrote a letter to fans on his SNS. Shin-woo said, "I'm also sorry for the bananas who might be surprised to hear about the sudden enlistment. But please look forward to Shin-woo, who will return with a manly and dignified look. "I'll be back as a better oldest brother. "Hello!" he said. "Let's meet in the summer when we will love each other more." I'll be back in the summer when I will love you even more." 

Meanwhile, B1A4's digital single "I Love You" will be released on various music websites at 6 p.m. on the 26th.

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