K-pop stars such as K-pop group EXO, BTS, Icons, and Warner One have brilliantly lit up Gocheok Sky Dome.

The 2018 SBS Music Competition was broadcast live at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on Wednesday afternoon. BTS, EXO, Wanna One, Red Velvet, Weener, Apink, Sunmi, Monsta X, NCT, SEVENTEEN, BTOB, TWICE, ION, MAMAMAMOO, MOMO, GOT7.

First of all, new talent such as "Children," "Stray Kids," "The Boyz," and "Momorland" have appeared, signaling a splendid start. Red Velvet sang "Bad Boy" and "RBB" and Apink continued to have a heated atmosphere with "No 1." "I'm going to die" and "I loved you" filled the Koche Sky Dome with a bunch of songs.

The strong performance of solo artists was also outstanding. Sunmi gave off her unique charisma with her hit songs "Start Point" and "Anakne." Winner continued to enjoy the bright atmosphere with the song "Million" and Black Pink's "Crouducks," TWICE's "What Is Love?", "Yes Or Yes," and "Dance the Night Away" added a refreshing end-of-the-year atmosphere.

Bangtan, a global star who spent the best year of this year, also continued to perform at the stage. BTS performed its hit songs as "No More Dream," "The Man of Man," "The War," "Bultahone," "DNA" and "The Idol." The main character of the ending was EXO. EXO made a strong stage with 'Love Shot' and 'Tempo.' The stage design using a motorcycle and a perfect and stylish performance were all finished.The finale of EXO.'2018 SBS Music Competition'.

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