At Mnet's 'M Countdown' that aired on the afternoon of the 27th, we had time to look back on the 2012 Wish List, which summarizes the past year.

First of all, K-pop's representative idol group BTS and EXO-CENBACY were chosen for 'No.1 Record of Viewers'. 

BTS, which is gaining worldwide popularity across the country, has shown remarkable performances this year, and recently showed off its strength by sweeping three of the four winners at the 2016 MAMA Awards.

Special comeback messages were released at the 2019 Wish List. 

The first runner said, "We're going to greet you with good news. She became the first runner to make a special comeback. "We prepared a killing part for Emma before our comeback," she said with a smile, saying, "Please look forward to your performance that will be released for the first time in January."

The second runner, ASTRO, said, "It's a complete Astro that will take responsibility for the MCA Wish List. "We are going to compete for MCA in January of 2019. "Wait for ASTRO, sexy ASTRO performance, and January ASTRO."

The third runner's girlfriend said, "Just trust my girlfriend. The new song "Haya" will be released for the first time in January at the song "Mcars." The focus of the tour is the cross between power purity and passion. You can expect the sword military to become stronger by 2019. The highlight of the tour was the "Ya-Ya" performance, which was full of the show.

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