Group IZ*ONE will hold its Japanese debut showcase on January 20 next year. Afterwards, the festival will be launched at the CDTV Special Song Festival on January 31, and the festival will be spectacular until the end of the year. 

The company's agency, "Older Recode Entertainment," released information on its debut and showcase in Japan through the Izu One fan café on Wednesday.

Prior to the announcement of her debut single in Japan, IZ*ONE will be held on the 20th of next month. Showcases will be entered and drawn for single buyers at Japanese music stores.

IZ*ONE is a 12-member Korean-Japanese girl group formed through Mnet Produce 48 last year and debuted in Korea with "Ravian Rose" on the 28th of last month. Since then, he has been the top music broadcaster in Korea and won the Rookie of the Year award at the awards ceremony.

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